Spiritual connection Package ( Crown Chakra)
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Spiritual connection Package ( Crown Chakra)

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The Crown Chakra package has a combination of cedar wood, lavender, citrus, bergamot, rose and peppermint to increase mindfulness and awareness of our thoughts.

The Crown chakra is known as the ' Universal Identity' force in our bodies. When the Crown Chakra is balanced, your awareness increases, analyze situations at a more open-minded angle and feel more spiritually connected. When the chakra is unbalanced you tend to spiritually lack, feel isolated from self and others and have difficulty learning. The Crown Chakra encourages you to be open to new ideas, understand, awaken and become ready for enlightenment. 

The uplifting smell of orange to clear up your mind and give a revitalizing aroma along with rose essential oil to fill your heart with warmth and gratitude. When you balance your Crown you embrace life and have gratitude for its uncertanties. 

What you receive in your package: 

  • 8oz Aura spray filled with Orange, rose and lavender to inspire a new intention of restoration and uplifting aroma to your space.
  • Rollerball filled with orange and lavender to apply onto pressure points throughout your day.
  • Inhaler to stimulate and renew your sense of smell.
  • Bracelet various crystal & lava beads with OM symbol meaning soul and self within including amethyst crystals and lava beads to absorb any negative energy you encounter throughout your day
  • Incense to add to your prayer table or window sill during an early morning or evening meditation.
  • Sage smudge to use for clearing any negative energy in your space.
  • 2 FREE clear quartz crystals to add to your daily meditation routine or to keep in your pocket throughout your day and bring concentration.
  • A FREE essential oil blend

Each product is hand made and cleansed by hand with Sage smudge ready for you and will take 3-4 days to ship out. Thank you for your patience.

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