Selenite Mystic Kit
Selenite Mystic Kit
Selenite Mystic Kit
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Selenite Mystic Kit

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Selenite is a beautiful celestial connection crystal. Selenite is often used for raising consciousness to a higher vibration to tune your Crown Chakra and expanding awareness to your Third Eye Chakra. Selenite is often used as a shield to protect yourself from invisible beings that could possibly compromise your spiritual growth. The Selenite plate is a lovely addition that many crystal owners add to their prayer table, meditation space or yoga space to charge other crystals to reset it's energetic properties. 

Palo Santo is used as an energetic cleansing method for spaces to purify and cleanse negative energies.

The benefits of Palo Santo include: 

Energetic cleansing

- Bring the fresh soothing vibes

- Burn it and create a safe space

- Relax Body and Mind

- Natural Insect & Mosquito Repellent

Sage Smudge is used as an energetic cleansing method for spaces to clarify and cleanse all energies. 

The benefits of Sage include:

- Purifying your space and specific objects

- Increasing intuitive abilities

- Insects repellent

- Reducing stress and anxiety and bringing positive mood

This Selenite Mystic Kit has:

- 2 Palo Santo Sticks

- 2 leafs of Sage

- Selenite crystal 

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