Well-being Wellness Package (Sacral Chakra)
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Well-being Wellness Package (Sacral Chakra)

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The Well-Being box is a combination of citrusy, floral, and herbal aroma to bring a sense of rebalancing to your daily routine. The Sacral Chakra is known as the force of 'Emotional Identity'. When the Sacral is balanced you feel connected emotionally, aware of feeling not attached, open to change, and sexually driven. When the Sacral is unbalanced you feel emotionally numb or overly emotional, overly strict, and/ or lazy. The Well-Being package brings your senses into a state of revitalization and welcomes YOUR spiritual force to become easy-going.

The scents of citrus, neroli, eucalyptus, clary sage and lavender to give support for the chakra and bring  rebalance.

This blend gives you a feeling of walking into the forest early morning. Crisp air, leaves drifting in the wind, birds singing in the back round as you unknowingly breath in and out of this amazing vessel called your body.  

The Well- Being Package consists of:

    • 8 oz Aura Spray to reset of your space is essential when you feel stuck or confused.  
    • 1 Inhaler that can be used anytime when you want to take a quick getaway using your sense of smell.
    • Rollerball, on your pressure point, will encourage you to become more present and aware of the energies lingering around your space. 
    • 1 Carnelian lava bracelet repels foreign energies in your space and can be kept on your prayer table, bedside, jacket pocket or any safe place to encourage vitality, motivation, and stimulation of the creative force in your energy centers.
    • Sage for setting an intention for clearing all energies on you or in your space.
    • Lavender sachet to put in your bath or on the bedside table in a bowl to promote relaxation.
    • 1 FREE essential oil blend.
  • 1 FREE Carnelian crystal 

    Each product is hand made and cleansed by hand with Sage smudge ready for you and will take 3-4 days to ship out. Thank you for your understanding.

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